PVF23 Gallery


What a fantastic day! Thank you to everyone who attended Pasifika Vibes Festival 2023, to all Elders and Dignitaries who made the Opening Ceremony so special, to all our Sponsors and Supporters from near and far, to all the Volunteers who worked tirelessly day and night, through the night, and are still working now as we clear the grounds, clean up, and leave things as we found them, to Swiss & Tree who drew the crowd to capacity and had them screaming for more, to all our Entertainers who showcased today and allowed us to celebrate the richness of our diverse cultures, to our Stall-Holders who put on a fantastic array of food, arts and crafts for all who attended, and to all those who attended Pasifika Vibes Festival 2023, who made a kind donation, who participated in the days events by just being in the crowd, who contributed to the wonderful buzzing atmosphere, and who came to support the Entertainers and Stall-Holders. Thank you all very much.

Pasifika Families Inc would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our generous sponsors. Moreton Bay Regional Council, University of Sunshine Coast, Senator Paul Scarr and Chris Whiting MP. Your support has made this event possible, and we are truly grateful for your commitment to our shared vision. And special thanks to Urban Wear, with whom we collaborated at Pasifika Vibes Festival 2023 to bring extra enjoyment to you all.

Pasifika Families Inc’s guiding motto was certainly lived up to today: “Many people, shared purpose, all cultures working together so our roots run deeper.” Pasifika Vibes Festival 2023 brought together people from all walks of life, united in their love for culture, art, and community (and great food!).

Pasifika Vibes Festival embodies the spirit of working together, collaborating, and celebrating our uniqueness and differences in culture. At the same time, it highlights our common connection to the land, one another, and God. By coming together, we create a stronger, more vibrant community, where our roots run deeper, and our bonds grow stronger.

We hope you enjoyed the festivities today. Remember that each of us plays a crucial role in making our community thrive. Let us continue to work together, embrace our shared purpose, and celebrate the richness of our diverse cultures.

Thanks again, and now it’s time for us all to count down to PVF24!


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